December 2019 issue - Waterways World Magazine

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Waterways World December 2019
Issue 201912


December 2019
December 2019   

  • Boat review: The Watt Knot, an electric-diesel hybrid semi-trad
  • 8-page cruising guide: The Yorkshire Dales
  • Hiking the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire: A restoration route 
  • Special Focus: Trans-Pennine Cruising: The Windlasses' Tour Part 7
  • Battle of the Bogs: Composting vs combustible
  • Looking Back: Hostel-boating in the early '60s
  • Renovation Man: The builder turning a profit on project narrowboats

Plus 8 pages of news from the waterways, new products, technical advice, readers’ letters, events and much, much more.