April 2019 issue - Waterways World Magazine

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Waterways World April 2019
Issue 201904


April 2019
April 2019   

The April 2019 issue of Waterways World includes:

  • Boat review: stunning 60ft semi-trad built for a cruising couple
  • Boating into Brum: on a quest for Silver Propeller points
  • Spring cleaning: freshen up your boat for the coming season
  • Standing empty: why are there mooring basins without boats?
  • Narrowboat girl: the 11-year-old continuous cruiser and boat vlogger
  • History: Gas Street Transformation & Boat Antiques
  • 8-page guide: the Northern Grand Union from Birmingham to Braunston

Plus 9 pages of news from the waterways, new products, technical advice, readers’ letters, events and much, much more.