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NarrowBoat Spring 2016
Issue 201601


Spring 2016
Spring 2016   

In Spring 2016:

Famous Fleets: T.W Toovey Ltd

Stone boating at Trevor - a 19th century limestone carrying scene on the Llangollen Canal

Boat inspections - a newly discovered document revealing the traffic and traders on the lower Grand Junction Canal during early 10th century

Lorna York explains how a discovered document gives a greater understanding of her boating family history

The Water Transport Company Ltd - a short-lived, 19th century enterprise intended to improve cargo-carrying between Cardiff and Birmingham

From the Archives: IWA's Navigation

The process of locating and stopping canal leaks

Leisure on the Waterways: Sunday School Outings on the Coventry Canal in the first half of the 20th century

Rare, detailed photographs showing barge traffic on the River Kennet in the late 19th century

Canals that never were: the unfinished Leominster Canal