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NarrowBoat Summer 2015
Issue 201502


Summer 2015
Summer 2015   

In Summer 2015:

Famous Fleets: Sir John Knill

Narrowboat medley of slides from the 1960s

The collection of a canal worker in the Waterways Archive

The evolution of the inclined plane in Britain

Historical canal maps - the termini of the Sankey Navigation in St Helens

Tracing The Mercer family history which boats over 150 years of continuous service to the waterways

Photographs of A. Wander Ltd's Ovaltine boats in 1947

Working on the Waterways: Stone Boating - the carriage of granite for use on roads

Marsworth: two photographs taken by Michael Covey-Crump

The use of paddle trunks and box trunks in the North West for water management